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A sample of typical outback cooking

Damper and Billy Tea go together. These examples of Australian culture come from the early days of 
"Outback" life in Australia, when you had to carry everything with you. Cooking was on a camp fire.

This is the traditional Australian bush bread, for making in a camp oven in the camp fire embers.
We make this version in the oven.

	•	2 cups Self Rising flour
	•	1 cup water
	•	1/2 cup sugar
	•	pinch salt

Mix all together, bake in moderate oven 375°F, 185°C about 30min. If using a camp oven, bake in the
hot embers, placing some on the lid. Check after 20 minutes.

Serve hot with butter or golden syrup, honey etc.
Alternatively add 1 cup sultanas or raisins to the mix – Damper-cake.

Take a billy can, or large canteen full of water, bring to the boil. Add in a fistful of tea leaves (Australian
preferred), per person, and one for the pot. After another minute remove from the heat, and allow to

At this point the traditional way to settle the tea leaves is to swing the billy vertically over your head, 
three times. But you need to be confident in your swinging – whatever you do don’t hesitate!

A safer way is to tap the side of the billy with a stick (or a spoon!).

Pour out into tin mugs. You can add Sweetened condensed milk, also a staple, or eucalyptus leaves.
These two go great together.

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