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Good for you and delicious to boot!


         Serves 2-4
        •	1 large cauliflower 
	•	1 Medium yellow onion
	•	2 carrots cut on diagonal 3/8 inch thick
	•	NOTE: You can add or substitute other root or winter vegetables such as parsnips,  beets,
                brussell sprouts or broccoli.

	•	Curry powder 3 tablespoons or to taste
	•	Olive oil (Extra virgin) At least 1/2 cup
	•	Kosher or sea salt
	•	Fresh ground black pepper
	•	1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper,  (optional)


Preheat oven to 500º degrees. Break cauliflower into medium-small florets and other vegetables in 
similar size pieces, and place into large ziplock® bag. Be sure the pieces are as evenly sized as possible,
or they will cook unevenly. The smaller you make the pieces, the quicker they will cook and the more
caramelized they will become, which is a good thing. Drizzle vegetable pieces generously with olive
oil and season well with salt, pepper and curry powder. Shake the ziplock® bag to completely coat the
vegetables with olive oil and spices. Distribute evenly in a single layer at the bottom of a baking pan.
If necessary, use a second baking pan to be sure the pieces aren’t too crowded.
Cover the pans with foil and place into the oven. Roast, covered for 10-15 minutes. The vegetables
should be slightly soft and start looking translucent. If not replace foil and cook another 5 minutes.
When the vegetables have finished steaming, remove the foil and toss with tongs. Continue to roast,
stirring every 8-10 minutes until the tips of the vegetables begin to brown on the edges.
Approximately 30-35 minutes.

Adjust salt to taste (you will probably need to add a little at the end)

and serve.

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