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I promise you will never be able to make enough of these. This is a combination of flavors that keeps making your guests wanting for more.

Shredded Phyllo dough is the wrapping for this appetizer, and it can be deep fried or baked. I chose to bake these, but they are a treat no matter how you make them.**SEE COOK'S NOTES**


●  3 large red bell peppers, roasted**SEE COOK'S NOTES** (Can be in jars)
●  4 large poblano peppers, roasted**SEE COOK'S NOTES** {Can substitute whole Ortega® chiles}
●  4 jalapeño peppers, roasted**SEE COOK'S NOTES** (Can purchase chipotle)
●  ½ cup sun dried tomatoes in oil
●  8 oz. jalapeno pepper-jack cheese, grated
●  10 burrito size flour tortillas
●  20 large tiger prawns, 16 ct., shelled & deveined (Can use 1 lb. of rock shrimp)
●  2 tablespoons olive oil
●  1 oz. Tequila
●  1 tsp. salt
●  ¾ cup Ricotta cheese
●  ¾ cup goat cheese
●  1 large head garlic, roasted**SEE COOK'S NOTES**
●  ½ cup fresh salsa {Can use any good salsa}
●  1½ cup chopped fresh cilantro


1. Marinate (2 hours) the prawns with the olive oil, salt and tequila. Place prawns on a barbecue
    and cook 1½ minutes on each side or until pink and opaque.

2. Mix the Ricotta cheese and goat cheese into a spread with the roasted garlic, salsa, cilantro
    and chili powder.

3. Cut the roasted red bell peppers, roasted poblano peppers, roasted jalapeno peppers and sun
    dried tomatoes into julienne strips.

4. Spread the Ricotta mixture on ½ the tortilla. Cut the prawns in half lengthwise and place 4
    halves across the bottom ⅓ of the tortilla. Add about a tablespoon each of the red bell and
    poblano peppers, and 1 teaspoon sun dried tomatoes on top of the prawns. Add two or three
    strips of the roasted jalapeño. Top this off with a generous amount of shredded pepper- jack
    cheese. From the bottom, fold up the tortilla on itself to make a 1½" to 2" flattened roll. Set
    aside until all ten tortillas are filled. (These can be made a few hours ahead of time.) Brush the
    roll-ups with a little olive oil on each side. Grill on each side for 2 minutes on a hot barbecue
    or until the cheese is melted. Cut into four even pieces and serve hot with green salad, rice
    and beans.

* ROASTED PEPPERS On a charcoal barbecue or a gas fired barbecue place the whole peppers on the grill and
roast, turning occasionally, until the skins are blackened. Remove from the grill and let cool in a
brown paper sack until they can be handled for peeling off the blackened skin.

ROASTED GARLIC.  Peel outer skin layer from head of fresh garlic. Cut off about ½ inch of the top of the head,
leaving cloves and head intact. Place head on double thickness of foil; top with 1 teaspoon olive
oil and a sprig of fresh rosemary or oregano (or ¼ teaspoon dried). Fold up and seal. Bake in a
375°F oven for 1 hour. Let cool. Squeeze cloves to release roasted garlic and set aside. Discard

I am a fanatic when it comes to roasting vegetables. Nothing roasts as well as peppers, and the
flavor is superb. Why not roast the hot chiles as well as the mild? This recipe evolved from jack
cheese quesadillas. The goat cheese and roasted garlic are pepper's natural companions.

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