500g fuul musri  (greenish-brownish-pooey-coloured beans)
1  tbsp salt
2 dates (optional)
1/2  cup sesame seed oil
1 tomato  (optional)
1 onion (optional)
1  green pepper (optional)
50g jibna  (feta cheese)
1 tsp shottar - chili powder  (optional)
2 eggs (optional)

Soak beans in water for at least  3-hours.  Drain beans and put in water and cook in pressure
cooker  until soft.  Pour into a bowl and lightly mash with an empty Pepsi  bottle. 

Add chopped tomato, onion, green  pepper, fried egg, salt, jibna, oil and shottar if desired.

Serve with bread and tamia   For bosh, put pieces of bread in a bowl and pour fuul over it.

500g chickpeas
4  cloves garlic
2 onions
2  tbsp flour
1 white bread roll
1  tsp baking powder
1 tsp black  pepper
1 tsp salt
1  tsp coriander seeds (optional)
1  tsp sesame seeds (optional)
bunch  of fresh coriander (optional)
1  green pepper (optional)

Soak chickpeas in water for at least 3  hours.  Cook until tender and mince with garlic, onion,
pepper and fresh coriander.  Soak bread in water and mince, add with flour to  mixture.  Stir
and add salt, pepper, coriander seeds and leave for  15-minutes.  Add baking powder, shape with
hands into small saucer  shape and sprinkle with sesame seeds.  Deep fry.

Serve on its own, with Fuul or as a tamia sandwich.
Compliments: Recipe Sudani

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