Janu siers (Smooth solstice cheese)

Janu siers (Smooth solstice cheese)
1 kg farm cheese, 
5 litre milk, 
1000 gr butter, 
3 eggs, 
caraway seeds. 

Heat milk to boil, add crumbled farm cheese and heat until the mixture congeals into a cheesy
mass and the whey separates. Pour the cheese mass into a double-layered piece of cheesecloth
that has been soaked in cold water, and agitating the cloth, drain off the whey. Put into a pot: 
butter, drained cheese mass, stir in beaten eggs and salt, and stirring on a low flame, heat. The 
longer the cheese is stirred, the smother, harder, and shinier it gets. The cheese is poured into 
a moist cheesecloth which is then tied tightly to create a round. Place a board and something 
heavy on top to create a weight. Take out cooled cheese, dry. You can rub it with salt. To 
preserve longer, rub the cheese with melted butter.


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