The dish's main ingredients are lamb, rice, and dried yogurt (jahmeed). It is arranged for consumption with a layer of thin Arabic bread called Marook or Shrak bread on the bottom of the platter. This is covered by rice and the meat sits above that. Traditionally the head of the animal sits on top of the dish. The yogurt sauce is then applied liberally to the platter. It can be garnished with peanuts, almonds or pinion nuts Traditionally it is collectively consumed from a large platter and eaten with the right hand, rather than using utensils (although it has become acceptable for it to be eaten with a spoon, from a normal dish).

RECIPE: MANSAF Mansaf is Jordan's most traditional dish. Here's a recipe compliments of the Mφvenpick Dead Sea Resort: Ingredients 4 kilograms lamb Dry yogurt (or see recipe for yogurt, below) 2 kilograms rice (Egyptian or Oriental rice preferred) One onion, chopped Butter Pine Nuts Method Put the dried yogurt in hot water for five hours. (If you don't have dry yogurt, use one kilogram whey and soak in water for one hour. After an hour, put the mixture in a blender. Set aside.) Boil the lamb with onion and spices until done. Remove the lamb but keep the water. Add the yogurt or the whey to the water. This can be thickened with cornstarch if desired. Cook the rice. When the rice is finished, return the lamb to the soup and cook for five minutes. Pour lamb and soup mixture over the rice on a large platter. Decorate with pine nuts.

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