This festive Guatemalan dish is customarily served once a year on either November 1st or 2nd
Legend has it that a hostess had planned a sumptuous dinner for quite a large gathering. She
planned the meal herself and made extensive preparations. Then she instructed her maid on just
how she wanted it served.

The story goes that the maid's lover called at the back door. Time passed and the guests 
arrived. At the very last minute the maid realized it was time to serve, panicked, forgot all her
instructions and threw all the various foods together on a single large platter.

The meal was great success, and a disaster became a custom. The amounts of the various foods
should be judged according to the number of guests. The single platter of food, served with rolls
and tortillas, makes up the complete meal.
Courtesy of The Maryknoll Sisters of St. Dominic, Inc.

 Luncheon tongue, plain or corned, cut into squares
 Boiled chicken, de-boned and cut into small pieces
 Pork loin, cooked and cut into small pieces
 Beef, corned or plain, cut into small pieces
 Ham, cooked and cut into small pieces
 Sardines or cooked mackerel, de-boned and cut into small pieces
 Italian style sausages, cooked (if necessary) and cut into small pieces Frankfurters, if desired

String Beans
All cut into small pieces. Vegetables should be cut and cooked the previous day. After cooking, 
set aside some vegetables for garnish and cover the rest with the sauce described below and 
allow to marinate. Keep refrigerated so vegetables will be thoroughly chilled.

Oil, vinegar,
salt to taste
Lettuce leafs for decoration
2-3 bunches parsley
2-3 bunches green onions
1 cup mustard seed
3 chiles morrones (peppers)
2 oz. Capers
2 pieces powdered gingerroot
Dry mustard, to taste 

Just before serving, mix meats and vegetables together. Add additional vinegar and or oil, as
desired. Finally, add the capers.

To serve, place lettuce leaves on one or more platters, as required by the number of guests. 
Arrange the salad mixture on the platters. Decorate with olives, pieces of cheese, chili pimentos,
cocktail onions, slices hard-boiled eggs, parsley and anchovies. Then sprinkle grated cheese over 
the whole.

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