KHASH OR PACHA (Hoof, Stomach, Tongue Soup)

Ingredients Serves 6 
4 Calves' Hoofs
6 lamb tongues
2 lbs. Calves' Tripe
2 garlic cloves
salt, pepper, paprika 

It is best to buy the feet already cleaned if possible. Otherwise soak feet in boiling
water to loosen the shoe, then take off the shoe from each foot. Singe all hairs and
scrape off the rest with the edge of a knife. Wash everything very thoroughly. Soak the
feet and stomach in water over-night. Each ingredient has to be cooked separately at

In a big kettle start cooking the feet with the garlic. 

Cut stomach into one inch squares, cook 10 minutes, drain the water. Add fresh water
and cook 15 minutes more. Then add to the feet and cook together for 2 hours. When
meat separates from foot bones, remove all bones. Also take off scums when formed.

Cook tongues in water until skins can be pulled off easily.  Cut up into small pieces. When
the feet and stomach is half cooked add the pieces of tongue, and the salt and pepper.

When khash is cooked take off some of its fat into a small frying pan add the paprika and
cook a few seconds until paprika is melted, then pour back into the khash. Serve the meat 
with its own broth in soup plates. Add lemon juice or vinegar when eating. This is a meat

Khash recipe from AGBU Cookbook

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