MELITZANAKI GLIKO (Eggplant preserves)

This is really delicious!

   2       lb          Eggplant
   2                    Lemons
                         Blanched almonds
   2       lb          Sugar
   1/2   pt          Water
   1/2   cup        Honey
   1       small     Piece of cinnamon
   4                    Cloves

  Wash the eggplants and trim.  Cut in walnut-sized
  pieces.  Cover with water and the juice of 1 lemon and
  leave to soak for an hour.  Boil until the pieces are
  just tender (about 10 minutes), remove and drain.
  Push an almond inside each of the eggplant pieces.
***NOTE: Tiny eggplants are used for this dish in Greece
and neighboring countries.  This recipe calls for pieces of
eggplant.  If you grow or can find tiny ,  minature eggplant,
by all means use them.  Make the preserves more authentic!
  In a preserving pan, heat sugar and water and add the
  eggplant.  Heat gently for 10 minutes.  Leave in the
  syrup overnight.  Next day, heat the syrup and add the
  rest of the ingredients, including the juice of the
  second lemon.  Simmer gently until setting point is
  reached. Test in the usual way and put in hot jars.
  Seal and allow to cool. Store in a cool place.

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