ABOOR - soup 
AHRANTZ - without 
ANOUKH - mint 
ANOUSH - sweet 
ANOUSHABOOR -  a sweet soup
ARMAV - date	                       
BABAGHANOUSH - eggplant salad 
BAKI - Lenten 
BAMIYA - okra 
BANEER - cheese 
BASTEH - thin, dried sheets of fruit juice 
BASTERMA - cured spiced meat 
BEXIMET - breadstick-like roll 
BISHI - pancakes, Armenian style
BITLIS  - a city
BLOR - ball shape 
BOERAG - a pastry with a filling or a vegetable with filling 
BOURMA - rolled Filo (shirred strudel pastry) with syrup and a nut filling 
BULGHOUR (TZAVAR) - cracked wheat which can be bought fine, medium, or coarse. 
CHAIMEN (MANNANEKH) -	ground spice (fenugreek seed) 
CHEE KEUFTA (KHEYMA) 	-  Armenian style steak tartare 
CHOCOLAT - chocolate 
CHOERAG - Armenian roll 
CHOOR - water 
DAVAJI (OOGHDABAN)  -	camel herder (peasant) 
DEREV LEAVES - usually grape leaves 
DOLMA (LETZVADTZ)  - 	a stuffed food, most often a vegetable stuffed with meat and/or rice 
DZEDZADZ - hulled wheat 
EKMEK KHADAYIF - a syrupy dessert served with a topping of thick cream 
ENGUINAR (GANGAAR) -	artichokes 
EPVATZ -	cooked 
FILO (PATZVADZ TERT) - prepared strudel-like dough available in Near Eastern shops
GANANCHEGHEN - green vegetables 
GELOR - 	round 
GELORIG - 	small round shape 
GERAGOOR - 	stew-type meal usually made with meat and vegetables 
GERAGOOMER - 	plural of geragoor 
JERMAG - 	white 
GORGOOD - 	barley 
GUEVEJ (TURLU) - a baked stew 
HYEGAGGAN (Haygagan) 	Armenian 
HALVA - 	a sweet paste candy or dessert 
HAMOV - 	tasty 
HATZ -	bread 
HAV -	chicken 
HERISAH (KESHGEG) -	lamb or fowl cooked with barley to oatmeal like consistency 
HUMMOS - 	chick-pea dip 
HUNTK UNGOOZ -	coconut 
IMAM BAYELDI  - 	a baked eggplant dish 
IMRIG HALVA  - 	a pudding made of Cream of Wheat and pine nuts 
JOOKUKH - 	cucumbers and yogurt 
JEZVEH (SURJAMAN)  -	coffee pot usually made of brass with long handle 
KADAYIF - 	a pastry of shredded dough with a nut filling and syrup 
KALAJOSH  - 	lamb-yogurt dish 
KARNABEDE  - 	cauliflower 
KARNI YAREK  - 	baked, stuffed eggplant 
KHARPET (HARPUT) 	name of a city 
KEBAB (KHORVADZ) 	-  barbecue 
KEDNAKHNZOR  - 	potato 
KESHGEG (HERISAH) 	lamb or fowl cooked with barley to oatmeal-like consistency 
KEREVIZ  -	celery 
KHABOORGA  - 	roast lamb stuffed with flavored pilaf 
KHAVOORMA  - 	braised lamb or beef 
KHEYMA  -	ground meat or other mixture for stuffing 
KHUMOREGHEN  - 	pastry 
KHUNDZOR  -	apple 
KIMION  - 	cumin 
KHORVATZ  - 	fried  or sauteed
KEUFTA  -	chopped meat often shaped into patties/balls with stuffing 
KURABIA  - 	a shortbread cookie 
LAHANA (GAGHAMBD)  -	cabbage 
LAHMAJOON 	- Armenian Pizza (meat pie) 
LAHVOSH  - 	cracker bread or thin bread 
LETSVADZ  - 	stuffed 
LUPIA  -	dry bean 
LULU KEBAB  -  finger shape burgers 
LOSH  - 	burger patties 
MAHDZOON  - 	Armenian name for yogurt 
MAHDZOONOV  - 	with madzoon 
MAFISH  - 	fried dough 
MAHIG  - 	crescent 
MAHLEB  - 	a ground seed used in pastries with vanilla-like flavor 
MAMOOUL  - 	a nut-filled cookie sprinkled with confectioners suger 
MANTI  -	small canoe-shaped dough filled with meat served with yogurt 
MARASH  - 	name of city 
MEESE  - 	meat 
MEESOV  - 	with meat 
MEZA  - 	appetizer 
MIDIA  -	 Mussel appetizer 
MIDIA DOLMA  - 	rice stuffed mussels 
MUJADERA  - 	bulghour cooked with lentils 
MULLALL ABI  -  	pudding made with rice flour
MUS  - a city 
MUSHOSH  - 	lentils with apricots dish 
NOUSH  - 	almonds 
PAGHACH  - 	flaky layered bread 
PAGHLAH  - 	fava beans 
PAHTZ HATZ (PARAG HATZ) 	cracker bread 
PAKLAVA (TERTANOUSH) (BAKLAVA)	a flaky, many-layered nut-filled pastry with syrup, 
PAHNJAREGHEN  -	any vegetable 
PAHNDJAR  - 	swiss chard 
PARGOGHEE  - 	cognac 
PARAG HATZ (PAHTZ HATZ)  - 	cracker bread 
PATLIGAN (SEMPOOG) 	-  eggplant 
PATLIJANOV  - 	with eggplant 
PENIRLEE  - 	bread baked with cheese 
PIAZ  - 	salad made with beans 
PILAF  -	steamed rice, bulghour, or lentils 
PLAKI  -	cooked with assorted vegetables and oil 
PHOORI  - 	baked in oven 
POROV  - 	with stuffing 
PRASSA  - 	leek 
PRINZ  - 	rice 
PRINZOV PILAF  - 	pilaf made with rice 
RAHAN  - 	basil 
RAKI (OGHI) 	-  achoholic beverage of Armenia made with raisins and flavored with anise 
RECHEL  - 	a candy-like preserve made with pumpkin, squash, quince or watermelon 
SAJOOSTOO  - 	flat, thin-layered bread 
SARMA (PALATS) 	grape leave, cabbage leaves, swiss chard, filled and rolled 
SERIM  - 	baked dough with yogurt 
SHAKAR  -  sugar 
SHISH (SHAMPOUR) 	-  skewer 
SHISH KEBAB (SHAMPOURI KHOROVADZ) 	-  skewered barbequed lamb 
SIMIT	-  a crisp stick cookie 
SINI KEUFTA 	-  baked ground or chopped lamb and cracked wheat with an exotic filling 
SISEER  - 	chick peas 
SOOKH  - 	onions 
SOOKHERANTZ  -	sautιed onions 
SOORG  - 	Armenian coffee 
SOU-BERAG  - 	flaky cheese pastry 
SOOJOOKH  - 	dried Armenian sausage, highly spiced 
SPANAGH (SHOMIN) 	-  spinach 
SUSAM 	-  sesame seed 
SUSAMOV KHUMOREGHEN  - 	pastries with sesame seeds 
TABOULEH  - 	cracked wheat salad 
TAHAEEN  - 	sesame paste 
TAHN  -	a refreshing beverage made with yogurt and water 
TAHNABOOR  - 	hot or cold yogurt soup 
TAPSI  -	baking pan 
TASS KEBAB  - 	potted lamb 
TAVA  -	frying pan 
TEL SHERIYAH  -curled, vermicelli noodle 
TOMATES (LOLIG) 	-  tomato 
TSOOG  - 	fish 
TUKALEEK  - 	fried dough balls 
TURLU (GUEVEJ) 	-  a baked lamb dish with a mixture of vegetables or mixed vegetable dish 
TUTUMI GOOT  - 	pumpkin or squash seed 
UNGOUYZ  -	nuts 
TZUMEROOG  -	watermelon
VAN  - a city 
VOSP  - 	lentil 
VOSPOV  - 	with lentil 
YALANCHI SARMA  - stuffed grape leaves 
YERISHTA  - 	noodles 
YEREGAMOON  -	kidney 
YOUKAHA  - 	thin bread 

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