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This sandwich is the pride of Philidelphia. How it is made is cause for many an argument.
There are two or three schools of thought on the ingredients. Mostly the kind of cheese.
Cheese Wiz or Provalone are the main contenders here, but other minor ingredients also
cause a stir. Onions or no onions, peppers or no peppers, grilled or not grilled, Most are in agreement that the steak is thin sliced rib-eye. The roll is also important and, should be
a steak roll or good sturdy hot dog bun.

Now that you know the pros and cons, you can fine tune this recipe to your own tastes.



• 1 1/2 lbs rib-eye beef steak** **You can use other types of beef steak, but you may need to cook them for a little longer for them to become tender. The flavor of the Rib-eye is hard to beat for this sandwich. • 4 split white steak or hot-dog rolls • 1 large white onion • 1 large red pepper • 1 large green pepper • 8 slices of sharp provolone cheese • Salt and pepper • 2 tbsp olive oil DIRECTIONS: 1. Slice the rib-eye steak as thinly as possible. Most Asian markets will sell very thin pre-sliced rib eye for use in Korean BBQ. If you do not have an Asian store nearby, partially freeze the beef. This allows you to slice it more thinly than when it has thawed. 2. Slice the onion and separate into 1/4 inch rings 3. Core and de-seed the peppers, and slice into thin strips. 4. Heat the olive oil in a wide frying pan. 5. When it comes up to temperature, add the onions and peppers. 6. Cook them for five minutes, stirring occasionally so the onions are cooked but not colored and the peppers are soft. 7. Transfer the onions and peppers to a bowl. 8. Return the frying pan to the heat and add the beef. Do not cook to many pieces at a time or they will not sear/brown and will only steam 9. Cook the beef, searing on both sides. COOKS NOTE: I like to add a little water, once they have seared and removed from the pan, to make an au jus with the drippings from the fried steak. This delicious jus, will soak into the bread as the end result. 10. Add a pinch of salt and a good twist of black pepper. 11. Return the steak, onions and peppers to the pan. 12. Mix the beef, onions and peppers well and then layer the top with the slices of provolone cheese. 13. While the cheese is melting, split and lightly toast your choice of buns. 14. When the cheese has melted, stir it well into the mixture of beef, onions and peppers. 15. Layer the mixture on to thebuns and serve. COOKS NOTE* You can garnish your plate with dill pickle slices or pickled peppers of your choice.

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