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ARMENIAN BASTERMA - Cured dried beef, known in my family as “Armenian Beef Jerky”

An appetizer fit for a King



INGREDIENTS: Makes about 2 pounds

•  1 whole tenderloin of beef,  about 2-4 pounds Cut into approximately 3 pieces
•  Heavy butcher’s twine  
•  Coarse Kosher salt
•  Armenian  Chaimen Seasoning 


The best time to make Basterma or Pasterma is in the fall when it is still warm, breezy,  but little humidity.

1. First you will need good meat.  Filet mignon whole loin is the best. Cut into  about 6 inch pieces,  about thirds of the loin.

2. Tie a heavy butcher string in one end of the loin and make a loop so you can hang the meat.

3. Cover the meat with coarse salt (Kosher salt or crushed rock salt) and let stand in a covered pan for 3 days.

4. Wash the salt off the chunks of meat with cold running water and then let the chunks soak for one hour in cold water.
5.  Hang the chunks by their loops and let drain for one hour.

6.  Wrap the meat well with cheese cloth and arrange side by side in a roaster or lasagna pan. Place a board (cutting board) over them and weigh
     them down with heavy cans.  This is to drain all the juice from the meat.  Change the cheese cloth every 12 hours.  Continue this for 2 days.

7. Cover the meat with fresh cheese cloth and hang the meat again in a DRY, cool windy place for two weeks until the meat is quite dry.

8. Make CHAIMEN and soak the meat in it for 2 weeks

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