Fussili pasta with braised octopus and beef marrow
“Fussili Pasta c Brasato polpo scottato e midollo di bue”
Quintessential “Surf & Turf”

This $40 pasta dish is an Italian styled homage to the American tradition of surf and turf. This is made of: Handmade durum fusilli in a wine based tomato sauce. The pasta is companioned with red wine braised octopus and seared cubes of beef bone marrow to complete the “Surf & Turf” presentation.

Make your own fussili pasta or buy it packaged.


Fussili pasta with braised octopus and beef marrow

      •  Into a enameled cast iron pot, add:
      •  ⅓ cup of butter with 
      •  ⅓ cup good olive oil on medium heat.  
      •  Sautè the following ingredients until the onions are translucent.


	•	1 sliced large onion; 
	•	1 shredded carrot;
	•	1 diced stalk of celery;
	•	4 thinly sliced garlic cloves;
	•	2 thinly sliced shitake mushrooms 
	•	a few chopped sprigs of basil;
	•	a couple of bay leaves; 
	•	a few sprigs of thyme: and
	•	1 sprig of rosemary. 

2.  Add in the cleaned baby octopus (use ¾ - 1pound)**SEE COOKS NOTE - 1**. Continue to sautè in the pot for a few minutes before adding 
    in 1 cup good red wine of red wine and a 14 ounce can of diced roasted tomatoes. Turn the heat down and simmer for an hour. Add salt and pepper
    as needed.

3.  In the meantime, remove the marrow from the beef bones. From your butcher,  get 4-5 lbs of large beef bones cut into 4 inch pieces, which should 
    give enough marrow for this dish. Season the marrow with salt and pepper and sear the marrow in a very hot pan and set aside. This marrow will be 
    added into the sauce later.

4.  The fusilli can also be made while the sauce is cooking. The dough consists of water and course durham wheat semolina. Once the dough is formed, 
    press through the pasta machine as usual,  but make only as thin as the #2 setting.  Hand cut into strips and twirl, then add flour and set aside. 

**If you desire,  use a long twisted (off the shelf) pasta.

5.  Prepare the Mollica (Bread-crumb topping)**SEE COOKS NOTE − 2**, which is made of breadcrumbs, chopped chilli, garlic and parsley 
    toasted in some extra virgin olive oil until crunchy.

6.  When the sauce has had about an hour to thicken up on the stove and the octopus has become tender, add in the bone marrow. Simultaneously, place 
    the fusilli in boiling water until almost cooked and then quickly add to the sauce to finish cooking,  and the sauce can permeate the pasta.

7.  Add the mollica as well as sliced or whole basil leaves for garnish before serving.

1. I find it best to cut the baby octopus in half,  or two sides of tentacles.
2. Mollica translated to english means “crumb”,  or crumb topping