A beautiful presentation of Octopus. Delicious tapa or appetizer

A little work, but the results are worth the effort.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy Octopus.


Recipe courtesy of “Yellow Saffron”.
✹INGREDIENTS: Serves 4 − 6 as an appetizer This is an interesting and unusual way to prepare the usual boiled octopus. To make it, you’ll need a plastic bottle — reuse one left over from bottled water or any other drink. Let’s see what we’ll need:
 • Coarse salt
 • A carrot • 2 stalks of celery and • 1 onion
• • A few black peppercorns
 • 6 juniper berries
 • 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar
 • 4 bay leaves • A 2 and a half pound octopus
 • Parsley
 • 1 clove of garlic • 1 packet of Knox Unflavored gelatin(7 grams) dissolved in ¼ cup of the simmering fluid.
 • Salt and pepper
 • Extra virgin olive oil
 • And 1 lemon
 DIRECTIONS: Let’s make our Octopus Carpaccio 1. First thing is to prepare the octopus. 2. Usually an octopus is already cleaned out, that is the head is completely emptied out, however besides this you’ll need to remove the eyes, and the beak which is essentially the teeth located in the centre of the tentacles. Remove the eyes with two diagonal cuts cutting a wedge around the eyes, and normally when you remove the eyes, you’ll see the end of the beak just below. With a small knife you can cut out the beak from the cut you’ve just made. 3. Now wash the octopus very well and then we can go on to cooking it. 4. In a pot, add some water and then the onion peeled and cut in half, the peeled carrot, the celery, peppercorns, juniper berries, and the bay leaves. Add a bit of salt and the vinegar as well. 5. Now it’s time to boil the octopus. To get the tentacles into a more aesthetically pleasing form (you can also do this for octopus salad), you should curl the legs. To do this, slowly and repeatedly, submerge the tentacles in the boiling water until they begin to curl up. Little by little, the tentacles begin to curl. Dip the tentacles for at least 6 — 7 times or until they’re very curled. 6. Now that the ends of the tentacles are curled, you can submerge the octopus and let it simmer, do not let the water come to a full boil. Simmer for a half hour for each pound of octopus, so for this size, about an hour or so will be fine. 7. When the octopus is cooked, drain it, let it cool and then you can cut it. Remove the head and cut it in half, and then cut the octopus into ¼ths. 8. Now we’re ready to put it into the clear plastic bottle. (SEE VIDEO) NOTE: ALTHOUGH NOT THE EXACT RECIPE PRESENTED, THE VIDEOS BELOW MIGHT BE OF HELP TO YOU. U-TUBE VIDEO 1. - HOW TO MAKE OCTOPUS CARPACCIO - Home cooking environment on this one. U-TUBE VIDEO 2. - HOW TO MAKE OCTOPUS CARPACCIO - Restaurant environment for this method. 
 For an octopus of this size, the bottle should be about a quart in capacity. If you have a larger octopus, simply use a larger bottle, 1 ½ or 2 quarts depending on the size. First of all, cut off the tapered end of the bottle and leave the straight part. Next, carefully, poke holes into the bottom of the bottle using an awl or the ends of a scissor. Put the bottle into a bowl to catch the water from the octopus, and then put the octopus in. If you can, try to keep the tentacles curled in the bottle because they will make a really nice cross-section when cut. Add everything and then press all of the pieces down, pressing very firmly using a pestle or something else heavy and wide enough to not pierce the octopus.“**SEE COOKS NOTE** **COOKS NOTE** At this point, I like to pour the gelatin mixture over the compressed octopus and let stand for about five minutes for it to soak into the octopus. Then press again to push excess liquid out through the bottom, poked, holes. With kitchen shears, cut the remaining upper part of the plastic bottle into vertical strips and fold them over to seal the top of the container. Tape or tie the lid portion down and ref- rigerate for 4 hours, or until completely chilled. 9. Push the now solid and compressed carpaccio out of the container and slice on a mandolin or use a sharp knife to make thin rounds 1/16 of an inch or as thin as you can get. 10. Arrange on plates overlapping slightly. Garnish with strips of roasted red bell pepper, lemon extra-virgin olive oil, croutons, caper berries, baby arugula, lemon juice from a grilled lemon (cut the lemon in half and place cut-side on hot grill – grill until grill marks form).

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