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I had never seen catfish sandwiches for sale on the street here in the Northwest. Usually it is clams, salmon or crab that is what's happening.

While I was in Portland, Oregon I had just left a Physicians visit and happened upon a real street food push cart near Portland State U. To my surprise, this guy Timmy was selling fried catfish sandwiches out of a real pushcart. It was a damp, cool and cloudy day, but that catfish sandwich was calling out to me and I wasn't disappointed. If Timmy is still there and you are in Portland, give it a try. If not, try the recipe below.


INGREDIENTS: Makes 4 - 6 Servings

•  2 lbs catfish nuggets (1½ x 1½ x ½ or fillets cut into 1½ inch wide strips
•  1 cup yellow corn meal
•  ⅔ cup crushed Panko (Japanese bread crumbs)
•  2 teaspoons salt
•  1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
•  ½ tsp cayenne pepper or to taste
•  Oil

DIRECTIONS: Makes 4 - 6 Servings

1.  Pour enough oil into a large heavy skillet (cast-iron is best) so it is about ¼ inch deep.  Heat oil
     to very hot, but not smoking. **SEE COOK'S NOTES** 

2.  Rinse catfish in cold water.  If using fillets, cut them into pieces.  Put cornmeal, Panko,
     salt, pepper and cayenne into a thick brown paper bag.  Drop filet strips into bag and shake 
     until well coated.   Shake off excess.  

3.  Carefully place catfish pieces in the oil.  Fry in batches in a single layer so you don't crowd
     them.  Cook until golden brown; about 2 minutes on each side.  Drain on brown paper bag
     or Viva® paper towels.  

4.  Serve  on a toasted bun with homemade tartar sauce (Recipe Follows).

Homemade Tartar Sauce:

•  1 cup mayonnaise
•  3 teaspoons pickle relish
•  3 teaspoons fresh dill weed 
•  ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper or to taste
•  ½ teaspoon ground cumin seed

Smoking hot oil will give the fish a burnt taste.  You just want the filets a golden brown.  Too cool 
an oil will leave them too oily.

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