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A tangy sweet and sour glaze of apricots, honey and oranges make these carrots shine,not only on the dinner plate but in the eyes of your family or guests as well.

Shredded Phyllo dough is the wrapping for this appetizer, and it can be deep fried or baked. I chose to bake these, but they are a treat no matter how you make them.**SEE COOK'S NOTES**

INGREDIENTS: SERVES 4 - Makes 8 aappetizers

●  2 lbs baby carrots
●  1 onions, chopped 
●  ¼ cup water 
●  ¼ cup orange juice
●  ⅓ cup honey 
●  ⅓ cup apricot preserves
●  2 teaspoon(s) of orange zest
●  2 tablespoon(s) chopped fresh parsley 


1.	Place carrots, orange zest and onion in slow cooker, and add the water and orange juice.

2.	Cover & cook on low for 9 hours. **SEE COOK'S NOTES**

3.	Drain liquid from slow cooker.

4.	In a small bowl, mix honey and preserves together, and pour over carrots.

5.	Cover and cook on high for 10-15 minutes.

6.	Sprinkle with parsley before serving.
1.  Use the lowest setting of your slow-cooker so the carrots do not turn to mush.  At the lowest setting,
they will end up being tender but firm.

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